NEW Chamber Name and Logo Revealed

On November 15, 2017, the Warman and Martensville Chambers of Commerce officially amalgamated and announced the new name and logo – the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce. As the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce, the membership-based, non-profit business organization will continue to provide services and programs to increase the success of member businesses in the Warman, Martensville and region.
The new Board of Directors were also announced at the unveiling. The inaugural board of the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce will comprise of the following:
Chair Elise Hildebrandt (1 year)
Vice-Chair Tracey Fesiuk (1 year)
Treasurer Tracy Cocks (2 year)
Secretary Janna Larochelle (2 year)
Other: Tamara Bell (2 year)
James Dietrich (1 year)
Trent Ens (1 year)
Josh Fedorowich (2 year)
Gary Moore (1 year)
Stephen Nicholson (1 year)
Jaime Holowaty (2 year)
Darla Schwartz (2 year)
Shanine Sealey (1 year)

“The Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce is honored to have these dedicated and committed community leaders on our Board of Directors. As a member driven, non-profit organization, we could not accomplish our great work without our volunteer leaders.” said, Chair, Elise Hildebrandt, “I look forward to leading the board as chair and enhancing our role as the voice of business for our region.”

City of Martensville Announces NEW Tax Abatement Program

The City of Martensville is providing further support to local businesses affected by the Province of Saskatchewan’s mandated property revaluation process in 2017 through a new Commercial Business and Property Abatement Program.
The Program builds on the City’s commitment to creating and sustaining a positive environment in which to do business. The City feels it is important to base its taxation policy on accurate and reliable values. Earlier this year, the City reduced both the uniform mill rate as well as the commercial mill rate factor to decrease the burden of increased taxes due to the property revaluation. The total decrease in the commercial mill rate from 2016 to 2017 was 36%. Also, to provide a more equitable property tax structure for the business community, the City also increased the commercial base tax to $915 for 2017.
“As a result of the revaluation, commercial property values for some businesses increased on average, by almost 90%, and therefore property taxes also increased substantially for some properties, even with the mill rate reduction and the new property tax structure the City put in place,” says Dillon Shewchuk, Community and Economic Development Manager for the City of Martensville. “In order to encourage new capital investment, business services and products, we need to have the most competitive business environment possible. Residents will benefit as well as a strong business sector means more goods and services available, and more good local jobs.”
The City notes that businesses that took advantage of the Assessment Appeal process this past year have been largely successful in appealing their values.
To be eligible for the program, businesses must meet the criteria of a ‘Local Commercial Business or Property’ and must not have appealed their 2017 tax assessment.
For 2018, eligible businesses must appeal their 2018 Assessment Value within 30 days of the City mailing the notices. This information will be provided with the property assessment notice, or by contacting City Hall. Assessment appeals and the fees must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the Notice of Assessment.
Businesses that successfully appeal their assessment in 2018 will have the corresponding amount of municipal taxes paid in 2017 retroactively abated in the form of a credit to the property’s taxes. As with all successful appeals, appeal fees will be refunded.
For more information visit program details on the Commercial Business and Property Abatement Program.

For more information, contact:
Dillon Shewchuk
Community & Economic Development Manager
(306) 931-2166


Chamber members vote in favor of Chamber amalgamation


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Chamber members vote in favor of Chamber amalgamation
On October 4, 2017, members of both the Warman and Martensville Chambers of Commerce voted in favor of the proposed Chamber amalgamation. The vote was unanimous among the Martensville Chamber representatives with the Warman Chamber members voting 96% in favor.
“Combining the Warman and Martensville Chambers of Commerce will not only give the region a bigger voice in business and government but it will also increase the economic diversity of the Chamber. Members will benefit by having access to better opportunities for network connections.”, explained Jaimie Malmgren, Executive Director.
With the members approving the merger now the real work begins. This will be done over the next few weeks. The amalgamation will take effect November 15, 2017 with the official unveiling of the new Chamber’s name and logo. Further details will be released in the coming weeks.

For more information, contact:
Jaimie Malmgren
Executive Director
(306) 292-7066