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Work Safe Saskatchewan: Psychological Health & Safety

Talking only goes so far, now is the time for action for your employees Free resources to help you navigate workplace psychological health and safety   The COVID-19 pandemic has put a unique strain on employees’ psychological health, and as we re-open, the strain...

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation Tool Kit

National Truth and Reconciliation day is September 30th. The intention of this day is to encourage Canadians to participate in events in the communities or virtually, to gain a better understanding of the harm cause by residential schools, and to honor the survivors....

Journey Saskatchewan’s History of Entrepreneurship, Business and Community

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce proudly presents Journey Saskatchewan's history of Entrepreneurship, Business and Community. The video is produced by Aspen Films as a part of the TEN program, Training Education and Networking. Saskatchewan was/is built by immigrants...

Province’s Saskatchewan Vaccine Verifier app

Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend a Zoom meeting @ Wednesday September 29th, 12pm-1pm. This event is free and virtual. Businesses or organizations requiring proof of vaccination will have the option to download and use a free QR code verifier app,...

Members Feature September 2021

Check out our members feature in this months Clark's Crossing Gazette!

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Highland Express Courier offers same day delivery and pickup starting at $25! Contact Doug McLeay at 306-229-5145 to schedule your delivery or pickup.

Proposed Business Hub

The Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce works as a consultant to the businesses within the region by providing the tools and resources to support growth and sustainability.

The mandate of the organization is to offer networking and learning opportunities as well as to advocate for the businesses with the intention of making sure the businesses have a voice.

Adding a new concept to the organization by expanding its role to include temporary office space, office equipment and Human Resources has been discussed often. The COVID 19 pandemic has moved the idea from a thought to a need. Those that have worked from home could continue with access to space and equipment, local community members such as students and seniors would have the resources, they need to complete their projects and new entrepreneurs would have tools at their hand without out the initial investment.

The Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce Business Hub committee sent out a survey to the Chamber members, City of Warman, City of Martensville, and surrounding area to get an idea of interest in the concept.

Read the full survey results here.