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A Brief History of the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce


Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce is the result of two keen businessmen sitting having coffee one morning in a local café brainstorming ways to have their voice heard in the community and an organized way for the business community to share resources and work together to build a strong economy. The result of this conversation was the establishment of the Warman Chamber of Commerce and  soon after the Martensville Chamber of Commerce.

The amalgamation of these two organizations has led to a strong and vibrant organization called Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce.

Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce received accreditation from the Chamber of Council of Canada in 2018.

With a network of over 200 members representing businesses of all sizes in many sectors of the economy and covering a region that includes Warman, Martensville and surrounding areas, Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce provides workshops, networking events and marketing opportunities to its members.


From our members

Rob Spence – PR Accounting


PR Accounting joined Warman Chamber of Commerce and continued as a member of Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce (PSCC). As members, we have utilized the group benefit plan for our employees. We have attended numerous events and have made some beneficial contacts with other businesses in the community. During Covid, they kept us up to date on was going on with all the news releases and Government programs which was a great benefit to us. We have referred many business owners and clients to the chamber as they are an invaluable asset to the business community in the Saskatchewan Valley region.

Tracey Fesiuk – Martensville Plumbing & Heating


As a Martensville business owner, I felt strongly about the importance of a local chamber of commerce. I was a founding member of the Martensville Chamber as well as a member of the steering committee for the amalgamation of the Martensville and Warman chambers to form the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce. There is a great importance for a local business organization whose mandate is to support the businesses in this region. It has been my pleasure to serve as chair for both the Martensville and Prairie Sky Chambers of Commerce and I will continue to promote the chamber to our business community.

From Above

A High Level Overview of the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is in the business of:

  • Advocacy and public policy
  • Skill development for business owners and their staff
  • Economic Development
  • Communication and awareness of business opportunities
  • Credibility for the Business Community

The Chamber primarily engages:

  • Businesses
  • Employees
  • Other industry specific associations and their members
  • Government entities and elected officials
  • Educational institutions and their respective students

We address these issues/needs:

  • Serve as the Voice of Business
  • Provide resources for all businesses
  • Address regional concerns and opportunities relating to business
  • Initiate school to career partnerships

We Meet MEMBER needs by:

  • Representing the Voice of Business
  • Championing for local business successes
  • Customizing offerings for our members
  • Providing regional exposure, awareness, and connections
  • Providing information and networking in a centralized place
  • Ensuring leadership and civility on regional issues.

Mission Statement

The objective of the Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce is to be a professional, unified voice for the Warman, Martensville and surrounding area business community on a local, regional and provincial level.  We aim to ensure existing businesses, and the community, remain strong, vibrant and progressive.

Vision Statement

To be the voice of the Warman, Martensville and area business region.

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